Our comprehensive line-up of specialized project control services includes but is not limited to: Project Controls / Management Information Systems Controls, Scheduling Services
Project Controls / Management Information Systems Controls
McKnight will successfully tailored information systems to the reporting needs of the owner. This includes tracking and reporting of schedules, financials, technical and quality parameters. We design a unique system to control, coordinate, process and retrieve pertinent project information aimed at controlling scope, cost and schedule and thereby;
  • Increasing management efficiency
  • Keeping stakeholders and management informed
  • Providing a framework for decision making 
  • Reducing the risk of claims 
  • Maintaining an auditable record
McKnight provides computerized document control software to record and manage the flow of paperwork throughout the project, typically used by support staff in logging incoming and outgoing documents. McKnight provides access to owner and key parties, as well as training, to provide an open line of traceable With McKnight’s project control systems, managing and coordinating change orders and time/cost-analysis assures owners that they are charged fairly for incremental work and are protected from paying for work that has been deleted due to change orders. The key is to resolve any change-order issues quickly so the project avoids delay and resulting cost overruns.
Time Management and Scheduling Services
McKnight time management and scheduling services use state-of-the art computer systems to develop a master project schedule in addition to individual schedules for each project. We sequence construction to maximize value and minimize site disruptions. 
By using our staff's professional expertise and state-of-the-art computer systems, McKnight's schedule management services ensure timely project completion. The process begins with design-phase scheduling and leads to a construction schedule for construction bids and contract negotiations. It includes monthly reviews and schedule updates to identify conflicts, updates and solutions. 
Design phase scheduling covers the development of all design phase activities including; team review/coordination meetings, milestone delivery dates for all project deliverables, cost estimates and owner approvals. At the completion of the design phase, a provisional construction schedule is developed to be used as the basis for construction bids and negotiation.
At the beginning of the construction phase, McKnight’s scheduler works with the contractor to develop a detailed construction schedule in order to identify any constraints in meeting the contract requirements and to validate that the contractor has sufficiently developed the sequencing and phasing of all construction tasks.
On a monthly basis, we review the construction schedule with the contractor to identify any problems and to assist in the development of a detailed timeline that helps short-range implementation of the detailed schedule.  If the review detects an item that may delay the project, we work with the contractor to develop a recovery schedule as required to maintain contractual requirements for completion.