Management Information Systems Controls

Reliable Time Management Services

The role and impact of a management information system (MIS) on the operation of your business can not be overemphasized. At McKnight International in Philadelphia, our time management and scheduling specialists use the latest computer systems to develop both a master project schedule and individual schedules for each project. Our construction project sequencing capabilities deliver maximum value while minimizing site disruptions. We use computerized document control software to record and manage the flow of paperwork throughout the project, eliminating your need for support staff to manually log in incoming and outgoing documents. From planning to jobsite implementation, our MIS controls keep projects moving.

Client-Tailored Project Controls

At McKnight, we tailor our management information systems solutions based on your reporting needs. Our capabilities include the tracking and reporting of schedules, financials, technical parameters, and quality parameters. Our client-tailored management systems can be used to control, coordinate, process, and retrieve pertinent project information while regulating scope, cost, and schedule. The support services we offer are designed to increase management efficiency, keep stakeholders and management informed, provide a decision-making framework, reduce the risk of claims, and maintain an auditable record. Our project control systems resolve any change-order issues quickly so that you avoid project delays and resulting cost overruns.