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A Global IT Consulting Firm

If your business is growing, there’s a good chance that your IT needs are expanding too. For many small businesses, hiring a full-time Infrastructure Library (ITIL)-certified CTO or vCIO is not financially feasible. Outsourcing this role provides an affordable alternative when you need an expert to drive IT strategy without the significant costs associated with executive level, in- house professionals. At McKnight International in Philadelphia, our IT consulting services help maximize the value of your IT investment by shaping an efficient, effective, and scalable infrastructure you can rely on as your business grows. Allow our experienced professionals to transform your IT landscape today!

IT Leadership You Can Trust

Developed from proof-of-concept testing and backed by real-world experience, our proven IT approach helps you assess your infrastructure to identify opportunities for improvement, understand the implications of new technologies through workshops, and design a customized plan to address your enterprise’s specific needs. Our IT experts also show your team how to implement market-leading solutions that help you grow and thrive, along with how to manage the complete functionality of the entire engagement. At McKnight, our ITIL(R)-certified CTOs and vCIOs provide your organization with leadership while taking a practical, no-nonsense approach that seamlessly addresses all aspects of your IT services.